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Victorian Government Alcohol Reforms will help protect children from harms

Monday 26 March 2018

The Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) has welcomed the Victorian Government’s announcement of reforms to Victoria’s liquor laws that will protect children from alcohol advertising and strengthen laws around the sale and supply of alcohol to children.

Fewer alcohol outlets in harm hot spots key to reducing family violence

Friday 10 November 2017

The Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) is calling on the Victorian Government to introduce an ‘alcohol harm zone’ policy to prevent or restrict new liquor licences in domestic violence hot spots.

Immediate action needed to end the rise in alcohol fuelled family violence

Thursday 19 January 2017

The Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) is urging the Victorian Government to take immediate action to reduce family violence and other alcohol related harm in the state, in its submission to the Liquor Act review.

Leading health and community groups applaud Vic Government bold change to liquor licence fees

Wednesday 5 November 2014

A coalition of leading health and community groups has congratulated the Minister for Liquor and Gaming Regulation, Edward O’Donohue for taking a health-centred approach to liquor licencing with the announcement of a rise in fees for large supermarket-style liquor barns.

No Duff-ence: beer found to breach code by appealing to kids

Friday 5 September 2014

The Alcohol Policy Coalition applauds a recent decision under the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) to uphold a complaint against Woolworths’ “Duff” beer.

Alcohol Policy Coalition supports protecting kids from alcohol ads

Friday 5 September 2014

The Alcohol Policy Coalition (APC) has welcomed the Greens' policy announcement that will put alcohol advertising restrictions on the agenda for the 2014 Victorian election.

Government’s collection of alcohol sales data is a step in the right direction

Friday 8 August 2014

Victoria will have a new tool to tackle alcohol-related harm when new legislation, introduced to Parliament this week, is passed.

Time to say ‘when’ on alcohol harm in Victoria

Friday 21 March 2014

The Alcohol Policy Coalition today called on all Victorian political parties to introduce key liquor licensing reforms, including earlier closing times and alcohol service restrictions, as part of its newly launched election policy platform for the 2014 State election, “Five steps to a safer, healthier Victoria”.

Alcohol Ad Shame – Booze advertisers saturating Aussie kids

Thursday 7 November 2013

Today leading health groups launched a new satirical video (Alcohol Ad Shame) to highlight the absurdity of alcohol advertising during times when large numbers of children and young people are watching television.

New research: AFL/NRL broadcasts one long booze ad with a bit of sport

Sunday 28 April 2013

Alcohol sponsors dominated close to a fifth of the entire broadcast of the NRL grand final and around 20 minutes per AFL semi-final, according to new research, Alcohol Advertising in Televised Broadcasts of Australian Football Finals Series, released today by Cancer Council Australia into the pervasiveness of alcohol advertising in live sport.



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